Purveyors of Rare Sauces & Prescribed Fermentations


Why are your hot sauces so damn tasty?

Here at Dr Dom’s HQ we specialise in creating ‘fabulously delicious’ hot sauces by fermenting all our super fresh fruit & vegetable ingredients for several months.

We process our hot sauces in small batches by hand, this ‘slow-food’ approach really brings out extra taste & flavour profiles and creates a deep lasting finish on the palette.

Are Dr Dom’s fermented hot sauces nutritional?

Fermenting fruit & vegetables in a 3.5% salt brine creates an environment where Lactobacillus bacteria break down foods making them easier for your digestive system to absorb nutrients.

Are all your hot sauces, hot?

Some are quite mellow. On a scale of 1 being no heat & 10 being ridiculously painful, we concentrate around the 5 to 7 mark. We consider SPICY SNTACH to be fairly mellow, along with BANDIT CANDIT.

We do crank it up on occasion, SKULLF**KER XXX is a beastly 9. Scorchio!!!

How long do your hot sauces last?

Our fermented hot sauces have a 1 year shelf-life when unopened. We think you should nail them with in 12 weeks from opening, to ensure maximum flavour enjoyment.

Do you send hot sauces to the rest of world?

Not yet. One day we’ll be mailing out Intergalactically, one day. For now, we’re UK based.

Is Dr Dom a fantastic dancer?

Yes. Very yes!! He sure can bust some moves!!